Intermittent Data Issue - WiFi

Troubleshooting issues with intermittent data readings from a TankMate v2 or R3W WiFi sensor

If your sensor is only sending data intermittently, and missing scheduled data sends, the issue could be related to your WiFi signal strength. You can check the signal strength of your TankMate unit (last known connection only) on the expanded dashboard screen of the app - see screenshot at the bottom of this page.

A received signal strength (RSSI) greater than -70dBm is usually good enough for a stable connection to TankMate sensor.

If the received signal strength is in the range of -80 to -85 dBm, you will likely have issues sending data reliably.

How to test an intermittent WiFi connection issue:

Take a few test readings at the tank - to see if it connects consistently - 3 or 4 times in a row. Press the RESET button (short press only - don't hold it down):

  • If the LED blinks green, then turns solid blue for around 5 seconds => device connected OK

  • If the LED blinks green, then blinks red => device failed connection

To confirm if the signal strength is causing failed connections, remove the sensor from the tank and bring the unit closer to the router:

  • Increase the reading frequency to 4 times / day (in the app - on the settings screen)

  • Take a test reading - press the RESET button (short press only - don't hold it down)

  • Check the new RSSI value (swipe down to refresh the app)

  • Check the app - to see if you are getting more regular readings over the next few days

How can I improve the WiFi signal strength at my tank?

There is only so much you can do - without changing any of your network hardware (router / access points), but you can try:

  • adjust the position of the router, to try and to reduce interference from surrounding objects

  • performing a hard reset of the router (power cycle)

  • removing any foilage that may be obstructing the WiFi signal at the tank

TIP: setting the publishing frequency to more than once per day would be helpful. That way, if it misses the odd connection, you will still get reasonable data frequency

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