Check Status - v2 and R3W WiFi Sensors

Tips for troubleshooting a TankMate Wi-Fi connection - for TankMate v2 or R3W models

Check the status of the WiFi sensor unit

Use the WAKE / RESET button on the side (v2) or base (R3) of the unit to see the current connectivity status:

Click the WAKE / RESET button briefly to wake the unit!

Holding this button down longer than a few seconds will clear the Wi-Fi credentials.

Status LED Modes Explained - WiFi Sensors

  • No LED light = low battery / power issue. See battery replacement section for v2 sensors, or R3 sensors

  • Solid LIGHT BLUE (CYAN) for 60+ seconds, but no data transmitted = the unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network, but cannot send data. It may need a manual firmware update. See here for details.

Troubleshooting a failed connection

If a sensor that was previously connected, no longer connects to the network:

  • Power cycle your router / modem. Unplug for 30 seconds, then power it back up. After waiting for the Wi-Fi network to turn on (1-2 mins), test the connection as above.

  • Has your network name (SSID) or password been changed since the TankMate sensor was set up? If so, reconnect the sensor using the updated details.

  • Check that the sensor firmware is up-to-date - see here.

TIP: use a phone or tablet to troubleshoot issues with a Wi-Fi password. Under your network settings, FORGET the selected network, and then connect again using your password.

NOTE: WiFi passwords that include the $ symbol are not currently supported by TankMate sensors. We recommend modifying the password, or setting up a guest network with a different password.

Advanced wireless settings / firewall issues:

  • Note that TankMate sensors can only connect to 2.4GHz networks. Combined 2.4 / 5GHz networks are also supported

  • Certain networks may apply restrictions that limit network access for smart devices. Check your network security settings / advanced wireless settings in this case, or contact your service provider to troubleshoot the issue.

  • In some cases, setting up a guest network (2.4GHz) can be a good workaround for advanced network settings

  • The TankMate Wi-Fi sensor uses port 8883 to send data to the internet - ensure this is not restricted

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