Changing a TankMate Sensor

How to delete an existing sensor in the mobile app

If your TankMate sensor has been swapped, or your main control board has been upgraded - follow the steps below to update your account via the mobile app:

1) Note down your current tank settings

  • In the app, go to Settings > Sensor / Tank Settings

  • If you have more than one sensor, select the one you want to remove from the drop down list

  • Take a note of the following, to make it easier to set up the new sensor:

    • Overflow height

    • Outlet height

    • Volume (or diameter)

    • Sensor height (R3 sensors ony)

2) Delete the current sensor unit

  • In the app, go to Settings > Sensor / Tank Settings

  • Scroll down until you see "Delete / Remove Sensor" option

  • Confirm sensor deletion

3) Add a New Sensor

  • From the homse screen, select the correct sensor type

  • Follow the prompts in the app to add the new sensor

  • Enter the same tank dimension values as the previous sensor

  • Save your settings

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