Firmware Update - August 2023


From August 2023, all TankMate v2 and R3 WiFi sensors began migration to a new server. For all connected devices this was done over-the-air, from August to November. The sensor operation would not have been affected.

If your sensor appears to be connecting to a WiFi network, but no new data is appearing in the app, please check your firmware version (home screen of the app > expand to see device details). If your sensor was offline for several months, it may have missed the update. The sensor will need to be sent to one of our workshops for a manual firmware update. Contact us for details.

Hardware Status:

  • Status LED = solid blue/cyan, stays on for up to a minute

All R3 and v2 WiFi units need to be running the following firmware versions:

  • R3W (radar sensor) - v52 or above

  • v2 (pressure sensor) - v21 or above

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