Hardware Status - R3L Cellular / LTE Sensor

TankMate R3L Cellular / LTE sensors

Check device connectivity with the status LED

  • Remove the four fixing screws (#2 Philips) that secure the sensor to the tank

  • Lift the sensor up from the tank

  • Press the READ button on the underside of the sensor unit, and check the status LED

The status LED and buzzer should follow this sequence:

  • blinking GREEN (connecting to cellular network)

  • blinking BLUE + single beep (connecting to the server)

  • solid BLUE + single beep (successful connection to the server)

  • blinking ORANGE + short beep x 10 (delay before the sensor reads) -> place the sensor back down on the tank to take a tank level reading

If the sensor blinks RED after trying to connect - this indicates that the network connection was not successful

If NO LED light is seen: open the sensor unit (see below) and check the batteries

Opening the R3 LTE Sensor Enclosure

  • Remove the four M4 machine screws (#1 Philips) that secure the enclosure lid to the base

  • If a battery clip is fitted - remove this by releasing the sides of the clip with a flat screwdriver

  • Carefully seperate the lid from the base

Take care when lifting the lid - as the internal antenna is attached to the underside of the enclosure lid. Do not pull or twist the antenna cable.

  • Turn the unit off using the slide switch

  • Remove one of the batteries for 1 minute - to perform a hard reset on the sensor unit

  • If possible, check the battery cell voltage with a multimeter. It should be above 1.2V

  • Return the battery (if good) and turn the unit ON. Press the READ button under the unit

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