Multiple Sensors
Monitoring multiple sensors in the TankMate app
The TankMate app allows users with multiple sensors to choose how their tank data is displayed. Individual sensors can be:
  • Grouped together: so that a total system volume is displayed for multiple sensors. Usage data can also be viewed as part of a combined system. Use this approach if you have two tanks that feed the same system (e.g. a property with a single pump that draws from two separate tanks (each with a sensor)
  • Placed in different "tank groups": so that each sensor is treated as a completely unique system. None of the tank / usage data is combined. Use this approach when monitoring two separate tank systems e.g. tanks on two different properties.

To change a sensor group

  • In the mobile app, go to Settings > Sensor / Tank Settings
  • Select the sensor you want to edit, e.g. "Sensor 1" - from the top menu
  • Scroll down to the Sensor Settings
  • Select the "Sensor Group" (from the drop down menu) that you want to add the sensor to
  • SAVE the settings for the sensor - at the top of the screen
  • Repeat for any other sensors you want to modify
Note: for sensors set up with previous app versions, the sensor may have been placed in a "default" group, and may not display correctly.
To resolve this, assign each of the sensors to a new group - e.g. assign both to Group 2 - which will resolve the display issue. After this, you can re-assign the sensors as required.

To edit a group name

  • In the mobile app, go to Settings > Group Settings
  • Edit the name of the Group
  • SAVE the settings