Sensor Readings - R3

Understanding how the sensor reads and sends data

For most of the time, the R3 tank level sensor will be in sleep mode. This means that it is unreachable from the app, and it cannot be seen on your WiFi network. This is a power saving mechanism. The R3 sensor will only "wake up" and send an updated level reading in the following cases:

  • Scheduled wake up - every 12 hours by default. This can be changed by adjusting the "Reading Frequency" in the app under Settings > Sensor / Tank Settings

    • NOTE: any changes to the "Reading Frequency" will only come into affect the next time a sensor goes online

    • To get readings at a certain time (e.g. 11am / 11pm), use one of the methods below to wake the sensor at the time you want. This will restart the onboard timer.

  • Button press - unscrew the unit to access the base of the sensor. Press the button once. When the beeping starts (10 second timer) - put the sensor back down in place on the tank

  • Magnet swipe - the sensor comes with a blue magnet. Hold the magnet in the position shown for at least 6 seconds. After moving the magnet away - a single beep will be heard. This restarts the sensor, and will trigger another reading

There is usually a slight delay from the time a sensor sends a reading, to when it is visible in the app. To check your data, go to the dashboard screen of the TankMate app and swipe down (in the center of the screen) - this will refresh the app data. Check the last reading date / time.

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