v2 Battery Replacement

Replace the battery on a v2 Sensor

Prior to October 2021, TankMate v2 sensors were supplied with a single C size, 3.6V lithium battery. These can be hard to source, and there are a variety of similar batteries that do not work in a TankMate sensor. We recommend installing the AA battery adapter - sold here.

Note: the following battery types will not be suitable to power a TankMate unit

  • Heavy duty type cells

  • A single 1.5V C-size cell

  • ER26500 C-size lithium

Tools required: Phillips / Pozi screwdriver #2; Flat screwdriver #1

Recommended AA Batteries: Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 (AA size, 1.5v) / or Alkaline type

Models with a v2.60 PCB use a plug in connector for the battery, and do not have screw terminals

  1. Open the sender unit - remove the 4 x screws on the lid

  2. Turn the unit OFF, using the slide switch

  3. Remove the existing C-size lithium battery

  4. *If your unit has a plug in connector (v2.60) - pull out the existing battery plug (with pliers) and insert the plug for the new 3 x AA battery pack. Skip steps 5-8.

  5. Undo the two screw terminals (marked 1 and 2 below) and remove the existing battery leads

  6. If present - remove the C-size battery holder - held down with double sided tape

  7. Insert the leads for the new 3 x AA battery pack. The wiring should match the image below: 1. RED || 2. BLACK

  8. Tighten the screw terminals

  9. Insert the 3 x AA cells

  10. Power the unit ON (check status LED). If the LED does not blink, check the battery connections

  11. Close the lid, ensuring the seal is in place. Replace and tighten the 4 x screws

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