TankMate API

Using the TankMate API service

An API subscription costs $49 / year, per account. This subscription is managed and billed through the new TankMate web app / portal - due for release in July 2024.

Note: API keys are free to trial for 30 days. Thereafter, an API subscription will be required.

Accessing your API Key and User ID

To access your sensor data, a valid API Key is required, as well as your User ID (uid). These can be accessed via the TankMate web app, under the Settings tab - see image below.

The Tankmate API includes two endpoints:

  • Sensor status: which returns the current state of all sensors linked to one account. This includes the current tank level, fill percentage etc. as well as the hardware status - such as the battery health, signal strength etc.

  • Level data: returns all readings for a specific sensor (deviceID), for the previous X number of days

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