Reconnect - v1 Level Sensor
v1 Sensors have a green circuit board inside the sender unit, with a PCB version number starting with v1.
Note: the app no longer supports adding v1 products to an account.

To clear existing Wi-Fi credentials on a v1 sensor:

  • undo the screws to open the lid
  • press the external RESET button to wake the unit up
  • while the LED is blinking green, hold down the small button marked SETUP
  • hold until the LED blinks dark blue - rapidly - then release
  • the unit is now in Wi-Fi setup mode
v1 Sensor - clear the existing Wi-Fi credentials

Connect a v1 sensor:

  • open the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your phone or tablet
  • connect to the "Photon-xxxxxx" network
  • open a web browser on your phone
  • type in the address
  • you will see a blue TankMate screen with prompts to search for the SSID / enter password etc.