Battery Replacement - R3
R3 Sensor
The TankMate R3 sensor uses 3xAA batteries - Energizer Ultimate Lithium recommended. The sensor has an built in battery monitor to provide battery information through the mobile app. You can see the battery status from the main dashboard screen.
To replace the batteries:
  • Unscrew the 4 fixing screws that hold the sensor in place
  • Turn the unit over, and remove the 4 machine screws underneath the unit
  • Separate the lid from the enclosure base
For cellular sensors - remove the lid carefully to avoid detaching the antenna cable
  • Turn the sensor off (small slide switch). Remove the old batteries
  • Insert the new batteries, and turn the sensor back on
  • Put the lid back on, and replace the 4 machine screws - do not overtighten
When at the tank, press the READ button once to wake the sensor up. After the orange light starts blinking (and beeping once per second), place the sensor back on the tank.
  • Fasten the sensor back down onto the tank. Ensure that the lens and o-ring are in place, and there is no moisture between the lens and the sensor base.
The battery monitor is calibrated for Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Using a different battery type (e.g alkaline) will work, but battery life estimates will not be accurate.
Remove fixing screws
Remove machine screws from base
Battery replacement
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